Saturday, 16 June 2012

What I Wore...London Collections Day 2.

Day 2 of the London Collections was a hectic one…dashing from show to show has given me some very tired feet, but luckily my feet look fabulous while doing it thanks to my gorgeous Zara metallic toecap court shoes. THEY ARE DEVINE With my shoes being so fabulously chic they deserved slick and elegant outfit.

So I paired them with of course a pair of high waited white Zara shots, with gold zip detailing around the waist and a white sheer chiffon draped across the from giving skirt like effect. To complete the look I wore a black sheer blouse with gold button detailing and of course my gold beaded tribal inspired necklace.

Like I said yesterday, no outfit or girl is complete without the perfect bag so finish off the this chic and simple look is not other than the Chanel 2.55 bag, the definition of chic.

Just a little off topic but just as important… I had to mention that I managed to squeeze in bit of mandatory shopping into my hectic schedule. I popped by the Harrods Sale and picked up a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors strappy leather and suede shoes. It was the perfect way to round off another great day at the London Collections. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

What I wore...London Collections: Men Day 1

So today was the first day of the much awaited London Collection: Men, the first ever Men’s fashion week, which is being held over at the beautiful Hospital Club in the heat of Covent Garden.  Today’s shows included Hackett London, Topshop, Lou Dalton and Martine Rose.

I will be attending LCM over the next few days on behalf of Disorder Magazine, watching a few shows here and there and writing up the catwalk reports, so I have to look the part. With it being fashion week everyone will be dressed beautifully and mostly head to toe in designer, well not this girl, its high street all the way.

So today I wore……

....LBD from New Look, which I have had for about two years, but luckily for us girls the little black dress will never slip out of fashion and will always be a winner. I wore an oversized gold and silver beaded necklace to add a little something extra.

Gorgeous black studded Zara jacket, which has been on my back nearly everyday since I bought it. Now we all know its not a patch on the classic Chanel jacket but it will do until the time comes when I can afford the real deal. Its still in stock so hurry down to Zara (best store on the high street) and pick one up, it adds a touch of class and smartens up any outfit.

Now for the shoes, brown suade and snake skin wedge boots. I had many compliments on them today and when I was asked where they were from, I whispered…..Primark. Shhhhhh don’t tell.

No outfit or girl is complete without the perfect bag. My bright letterbox red clasp bag from of course Zara. It brightens up any outfit, especially for me as black is my staple colour when it come to clothes. Its an easy way to add colour to any outfit, so girls who love simple colours in their clothes go an invest in a good brightly coloured bag.

Now what shall I wear tomorrow…….???

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sorapol A/W 12 collection.

AN underground venue for a very underground designer, the infamous Old Vic tunnels was the venue for the Sorapol autumn/winter 12 show. Guests were welcomed with a bar full of complimentary drinks along with goodie bags that awaited them at their seat. A few well known faces graced the front row such as Boy George and designer Christian Blanken, giving the already electric crowd something else to gossip about.
The graffiti ridden tunnels hidden underneath the busy streets of London set the scene perfectly for the designer’s Russian Revolution inspired collection, acting as a sort of air raid shelter when the screams of gunfire and bombs blasted out over the sound system. Vast amounts of steam billowed from the drapes at the end of runway, as the guns died out and a sinister yet beautiful classical tune played out from the live pianist and violinist the first model began to emerge with barely any pace at all. Unlike many other catwalk shows where the models stomp down the runway as if they are being hunted, this was not the case at the Sorapol show. The models walk was slow and somber; it almost looked as if they were gliding, adding to the tense atmosphere of the show. 
The collection branded ‘Iron Grip’ “triumphs in expressing the intensity of Visalia’s tale” ( an orphaned girl adopted by Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov, who we know as Lenin) showcasing the beauty and brutality of Russia during the Revolution. Using rich fabrics and vivid colours and beautifully detailed garments where the origins of Russia are referred to in every piece."  The clothes themselves were shockingly stunning, exquisite detailing and enough fur to satisfy Cruella herself. 
The garments took on the shapes and silhouettes of many of Russia’s iconic cathedrals. Structured amour dresses that shaped the body un-naturally which was to echo the “repression felt among society before the Russian Revolution”. Embellishments of pearls and gold were rife; a particular stand out piece was a black lace gown draped in of course fur, reminiscent of an Alexander McQueen piece as the model clutched a black skull as she shuffled down the runway. Another crowd pleaser looked as if it had been stolen from the White Witches’ wardrobe, a white and gold dress, a wonderfully white fur stole and icicle detailing firing out from the bodice, framing the models sliver face. A pearl encrusted military jumpsuit was a particular favorite of mine, every bit reminiscent of a Russian official but with girlish charm of a princess.
The creativity didn’t stop at the clothes; headwear was as every bit as important. Oversized classic Russian ushanka hats were the perfect accessory along with gem coated military helmets and a golden gasmask.
The clothes were every bit as impressive as the atmosphere and the venue, surreal and sinister but beautifully crafted, making Sorapol one to watch. This was no ordinary show and he most definitely no ordinary designer. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A fave from LFW A/W 12...TATA NAKA

Tamara and Natasha Surguladze are the Central St Martins graduates that make the dynamic design team that is Tata-Naka. The duo, known for their ‘in house prints’ created from their own art and photography, describe the Tata-Naka woman as ‘adventurous with a great sense of humour’. In order to wear the brand’s A/W 12 collection she certainly has to be that..

The moment I entered the world of Tata-Naka, walls draped in fabric printed with bold tribal patterns, an oversized pinocolada was thrust into my hand while old-school Motown blasted out on the sound system. I felt like I was on holiday - jetting off on Tata-Naka airways to some luxurious exotic location!

Motown and Malawian tribes were the inspirations for the A/W 12 collection. The gorgeous models had big, bold afros while sporting brightly coloured tribal patterned silk shift dresses, that fell lightly to the knee as their pointed gem encrusted creeper shoes tapped to the beats of classics such as The Temptations’ ‘My Girl’. Thick black, lines drew the patterns while dusty pink and blue along with lemon yellow posed as the backdrop. Even lanky giraffes formed part of the intricate yet bold patterning.

On the more subtle side of things there was a beautiful tri of muted tone dresses with pleated skirts which gave of a gorgeously feminine vibe accompanied with clever cut outs across the chest and above the hemlines. The cut outs were filled with delicate mesh which kept to angular shapes of the tribal patterns. The subdued teal green that has been seen in many shows made an appearance and the cute lilac colour made the jump from S/S to A/W.

It could not have been doubted a fully-fledged A/W collection if there hadn’t been some sort or girlish sparkle, so of course it was there. A modern and western twist on a classic beaded tribal necklaces made for the perfect accessories for the collection.

Over all in my eyes the collection was a complete success, the quirky combo between Motown and tribal ethnicity seemed odd at first but it became completely and utterly charming. The pinocolada that was thrust into my hand as soon as I walked in the door along with Motown music blearing out made the entire experience an absolute winner.

Lash Lovers!

During the hectic and exiting time that is London Fashion Week, there was one name on everyone’s lips, Paperself. With a small set up in the Rock Vault and the infamous Somerset House, Paperself were providing the lucky Fashion Week goers the chance to try out their new and innovative falsies and they were going down a treat.

Paperself is new and exciting company, creating a contemporary way of wearing false lashes. Gone are the days of choosing between thick or extra long lashes it’s all about whether you want tiny birds perching on or lashes or flowers blooming from your lash line.

 The lashes are inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting. The designs blend together an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Using paper materials, which are delicately cut into exquisite and fragile designs and patterns.  The lashes come in two sizes, a small size that accentuates the outer corner of the eyes for a subtle daytime look or a full lash for a statement look.

Paperself have a number of different designs, The Lace Garden collection that was an exclusive collaboration between Paperself and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The lashes were inspired by French Ribbon lace from the 19th Century.  The Rocky Punk Collection, which works in contrast with idea of Paperself lashes, using unlikely images such as scorpion tails and spiders and making them into delicate and beautiful designs.

However the newest collection from Paperself is the most exiting. The British Collection, which was created in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee and London being the host for the coming Olympic games. The lashes are an expression of British ‘craftsmanship and inventive spirit’. The ‘London’ lashes take on the from of the London skyline, including the London eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge and the ‘Rose’ lashes are designed with beautifully delicate roses that represents the national flower of England.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Goodness Gracious Great Gatsby

Fashion is constantly changing and being inspired by numerous different things. Film is one of the biggest inspirations to the fashion and beauty industry. This is in not a modern invention this has been the way for men and women since have been seeking fashion advice from the movies since the 1930s.

During this time men and women took to the cinema for fashion advice, sometimes even a notebook and pen would accompany them to make sure not one detail was lost. Film was used as a fashion magazine and women were urged to find a star to mould their appearance upon them.

Not much has changed, however I haven’t seen anyone recently taking notes in the cinema but women still very much take inspiration from one celeb to another and from film to film.

Fashion is constantly inspired by eras of the past, but for now it’s time for the 20s to make a comeback with a roar, with Baz Lerman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby hitting the screens in the New Year. The remake is still in production but is set to be scorcher. With stars such as Carey Mulligan, Leo Dicaprio and Toby Maguire this 1920’s based film is sure to set fashion and make-up alight.

Once the film hits the screens I am sure there will be a flood of gorgeous sequined flapper dress with that typical boyish shapes to disguise any hint on femininity hitting the shops, along with deco printed head scarves, faux fur stoles and every hairdresser in the country will be demanded to create the perfect bob.

The roaring twenties revival in 2007/2008 was short lived but for 2012 I’m sure its here to stay, this will be down Baz and his elegantly produced Gatsby. With this predicted comeback for the 20s get a head of the fashion curve by hitting some of London’s best vintage stores and be ready for this twenties take over.
Recommended stores:-
·      Annie’s 12 Camden Passage N1
·      Old Vintage Hat 66 Fulham High St SW6 [especially for a perfectly cut Savlle row suit]
·      Beyond Retro 112 Cheshire St E2

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Out with the old and in with the new!

As 2011 draws to a close and he New Year looms upon us its time to look back at this years biggest beauty trends and see what is going to stick it through to the New Year.
Behind the smoky scenes at Fashion Week there was not one sign of S/S pastel colour insight, the heavy and outrageous looks that graced the models faces such as paper stencils on the eyes as seen at Victor Rolf or dripping wet coloured hair might just be too much for us whose catwalk is the London streets rather than the runway.
Not to fear trends such as the classic cat eye eyeliner are accessible for all and has been a huge hit this year and is most definitely sticking around for 2012. This super slick eyeliner as seen at Jonathon Saunders and Kanye West, never seems to fade and continues to stay at the forefront of fashion beauty.
2011 was all about the eyebrows, whether they were barely there or bold and bushy. The year began with bleached brows sported by super model Lara Stone and ended the year with bold and beautiful, the perfect example being Derek Lam and Proenza Schouler. I think it’s definitely the loud and proud brows that win that battle and will still spot on in 2012. Even top make-up artist Tom Pecheux supports the burly brow “I love a strong, architectural brow”
The perfect make-up look is not complete with out the perfect lip and in the case of 2011 a very bight and bold lip. A range of lip colours that have stolen the show in 2011 ranged form candy pinks, to deep and dangerous purples but it’s the always classy and elegant red lips that once again stole the show and is sure to do the same in 2012. Whether its glossy or matt it’s got to be red.
A totally nude face was everywhere this year simple and elegant, all one shade, Caramel. Just think Chole and you are well on your way to creating the perfect natural look. You can’t go wrong with flawless so this will be still be a hit for 2012.
Finally shimmering metallic eyes, from a glimmer of space age silver to full on gold leaf as seen at Fendi. This is the perfect for Christmas especially silver, lightly frosted is the key for a gorgeous festive look so who knows this make another appearance next winter season, we will just have to wait and see, so roll on the New Year and new trends!