Monday, 13 February 2012

Goodness Gracious Great Gatsby

Fashion is constantly changing and being inspired by numerous different things. Film is one of the biggest inspirations to the fashion and beauty industry. This is in not a modern invention this has been the way for men and women since have been seeking fashion advice from the movies since the 1930s.

During this time men and women took to the cinema for fashion advice, sometimes even a notebook and pen would accompany them to make sure not one detail was lost. Film was used as a fashion magazine and women were urged to find a star to mould their appearance upon them.

Not much has changed, however I haven’t seen anyone recently taking notes in the cinema but women still very much take inspiration from one celeb to another and from film to film.

Fashion is constantly inspired by eras of the past, but for now it’s time for the 20s to make a comeback with a roar, with Baz Lerman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby hitting the screens in the New Year. The remake is still in production but is set to be scorcher. With stars such as Carey Mulligan, Leo Dicaprio and Toby Maguire this 1920’s based film is sure to set fashion and make-up alight.

Once the film hits the screens I am sure there will be a flood of gorgeous sequined flapper dress with that typical boyish shapes to disguise any hint on femininity hitting the shops, along with deco printed head scarves, faux fur stoles and every hairdresser in the country will be demanded to create the perfect bob.

The roaring twenties revival in 2007/2008 was short lived but for 2012 I’m sure its here to stay, this will be down Baz and his elegantly produced Gatsby. With this predicted comeback for the 20s get a head of the fashion curve by hitting some of London’s best vintage stores and be ready for this twenties take over.
Recommended stores:-
·      Annie’s 12 Camden Passage N1
·      Old Vintage Hat 66 Fulham High St SW6 [especially for a perfectly cut Savlle row suit]
·      Beyond Retro 112 Cheshire St E2