Wednesday, 28 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend

The day after LFW ends a new kind of fashion extravaganza begins on the Thursday, the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend. It can only be described as a mini fashion week for the slightly less important, well far less important fashionista's such as my self. Along with thousands of other fashion hungry girls that would give anything to hold an invite to one of fashion's most prestigious events, but sadly can only attend the easily purchased ticketed event that is Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend. The event put on by Vodafone is meant to emulate the goings on of the 'real' LFW. However after being lucky enough to attend the 'real' event the differences are endless. The catwalk show was nowhere near as heart pumpingly exiting as James Long show, that I was able see. The excitement, the buzz of worming your way into a LFW show knowing your not really meant to be there and that you are witnessing garments that are privy to biggest eyes in the industry, is a feeling that cannot be overshadowed by a last season Jager collection. Those that were milling around at the weekend event were dressed to impress, they made an effort to fit in rather than effortlessly stand out like those during the week. There however was an upside, the shopping and the gorgeous men at the Juicy Couture stand. Models hired to serve and draw in the girls with just a look and they did. The Elizabeth Arden stand was a hit, make-up tutorials and advice along with a talk from the head make-up artist. As a make-up and beauty enthusiast this was a major plus for me along with talk a from Sarah Owen about her label Lucy in Disguise with sister Lilly Allen. Kat and Bee has to be mentioned a gorgeous jewellery stand which showcased their intricate and delicate yet bold designs. The skull shape was a running theme in their pieces; the darkness of the skull worked beautifully with delicate craft mans ship of each piece. This event may not be as prestigious as the 'real' LFW but its a start, it gives a small insight to what its like to be part of a highly lucrative industry but with lots of girly fun and Champagne guzzling activities.