Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lash Lovers!

During the hectic and exiting time that is London Fashion Week, there was one name on everyone’s lips, Paperself. With a small set up in the Rock Vault and the infamous Somerset House, Paperself were providing the lucky Fashion Week goers the chance to try out their new and innovative falsies and they were going down a treat.

Paperself is new and exciting company, creating a contemporary way of wearing false lashes. Gone are the days of choosing between thick or extra long lashes it’s all about whether you want tiny birds perching on or lashes or flowers blooming from your lash line.

 The lashes are inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting. The designs blend together an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Using paper materials, which are delicately cut into exquisite and fragile designs and patterns.  The lashes come in two sizes, a small size that accentuates the outer corner of the eyes for a subtle daytime look or a full lash for a statement look.

Paperself have a number of different designs, The Lace Garden collection that was an exclusive collaboration between Paperself and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The lashes were inspired by French Ribbon lace from the 19th Century.  The Rocky Punk Collection, which works in contrast with idea of Paperself lashes, using unlikely images such as scorpion tails and spiders and making them into delicate and beautiful designs.

However the newest collection from Paperself is the most exiting. The British Collection, which was created in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee and London being the host for the coming Olympic games. The lashes are an expression of British ‘craftsmanship and inventive spirit’. The ‘London’ lashes take on the from of the London skyline, including the London eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge and the ‘Rose’ lashes are designed with beautifully delicate roses that represents the national flower of England.

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