Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kanye West's KW S\S 12 collection

There has been much speculation and talk about the Kanye West S\S show, yet once it hit the runway it did not hit the spot for the fashion gliterati. The reviews have been extremely poor and seems that all he offered was a sparkling front row rather than a glitering and full of prospect collection. At a first and very quick glance I thought that it was a interesting and rather chic ensemble, however once paying more attention and having the time really inspect the designs my opinion quickly changed. Each piece I felt really had no connection with the next, I felt it to be a very disjointed and fragmented collection. The US superstar didn't really seem to stick to the brief that he was designing a Spring/Summer collection. Unless you want to wear fur stoles, fur back-backs and leather in the summer? Well if you are living in Britain you may need to wrap up warm in your fur back back on a cold and normally rainy British summers day, but I for one will not be wearing fur and leather in summer, even in a British one. I'd much rather a gorgeously light and delicately floral Erdem maxi dress. The clothes fitted the model nearly as well as they would fit me which isn't saying much, a poorly fitted outfit really isn't a outfit at all. On a slightly more positive note I did enjoy the cream open toed bead encrusted shoes, they were clumpy yet quite elegant. The whole collection wasn't a total loss, as in may eyes as I thought the 'white' outfits that consisted of quite a nice mix of textures and shapes worked well when used in juxtaposition with one another. The use of soft and sheer fabric's such as chiffon made a nice opposite to stodgier and more structured ones like a warm woollen knit. These white and cream in colour and loose in fit designs offered a more summer vibe which I appreciated. The white shiny snakeskin trousers caught my eye, I felt they were rather glamorous until once again there were not properly fitted and far too baggy. Over all this collection by the so called designer was a bit of a wash out. It proves that if you are a celebrity with lots of money and gorgeously famous friends you can create a your own fashion line and have a front row full of famous faces and even show your poorly fitted clothes at Paris Fashion Week. However no matter how much dosh you through at it and no matter how many beautifully made faces you line up along the front it is not going to make you a credible or talented designer.