Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Fashion Journalists first ever LFW.

Today seemed the perfect time to start my first ever blog as today I attended my first ever London Fashion Week and saw my first ever catwalk show. VERY EXITING INDEED!!! Yes I know its hard to believe as a aspiring fashion journalist that this is my first blog, but we have to start somewhere and today is my start. My new start. Since beginning my new course in Fashion Journalism, [after a few other attempts at other courses that tickled my tastes buds but sadly never satisfied my hunger], I feel a new lease of life within me which has given me confidence. A confidence that I have never felt before. So today I took my first step to unleashing my new found confidence and made my way across the bustling streets of London to Somerset House for the last day of London Fashion Week. I was going to see a show even though I had no idea how, as I had no invite or ticket but all I knew was that I was going to have utterly fabulous time brushing shoulders with some of London's most cutting edge and stylish fashionista's. It was like another world inside those  stone walls, everyone had a passion for fashion.  A million different outfits rushed by me, I'm still trying to take it all in. Leather seemed to be fabric of choice today, trousers, skirts, shorts, T-shits, shirts, jackets as long as it was leather it was deemed acceptable and along as it was smothered in studs or spikes some one with a impossibly large camera wanted to take a snap shot of you. Me on the other hand my outfit just wasn't wiled enough, my uber tight black jeans, snake skin shirt, mega black wedges and fur stole was just not what they we looking for. Even if no one was shoving a huge camera in my face my day was still everything I hoped for and I still felt gorgeously glamourous. I managed to worm my way in to my first catwalk show, standing at the back staring down at the bright white runway and the smug faces of those on the front row [ which one day I hope to be], I didn't care that I was at the back, I was there. The excitement rushed around my body with a warm and tingly feeling. The lights went down and music came up and out they came, strutting down the catwalk quickly but with perfect precision. James Long's collection blew my mind, it was menswear that every woman wanted to steal [especially me]. Sequins, sparkles and snakeskin was on the cards along with some beautiful loose knit and textured jumpers paired with above the knee shorts. My heart pumped with every foot step and my eyes gleamed with every sparking sequin that waltzed by. Suddenly with a flash and a roar of applause it was over. I couldn't believe it, my first show was over in the blink of the eye but what a beautiful blink of the eye it was.